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Hello, I just downloaded this game but when I tried to extract it told me to see look for an app to open it help!!!

Hi Mei99!

Do you have Winrar on your computer or a similar program to it, because the game folder was compressed with that program and will need it to extract the download files.

If you do have the program but still couldn't extract the folder, then could you send us a screenshot of the problem?

Thank you so much for your patience.

Love It!! You have my word that I will be downloading the full version!

Hi nialw36!

Thank you so much for your support! We will definitely make the best of our efforts!

I LOVE THIS. I am definitely looking forward to a finished product!

Hi Autumn Fawn!

Thank you so much for your compliment! It gives us strength to strive for the best!

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I have to admit that the first thing that made me try this demo was the graphics. Your pictures and characters are so beautiful! And your characters seem to have their own unique personalities, so that's another big plus as well. I especially loved the relationship between the girl and the hunter - I laughed so hard. The story also seems interesting, even though I've already heard about similar topic somewhere else. I kinda hope there will be drama in certain routes (or maybe in all routes even) as well, since she is a vampire and all. I like the comedic aspect, of course, but a little drama never hurt anyone yet.

That being said, unfortunately, I've encountered a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm not sure if I should put them here, but I s'ppose I will mention a few in this feedback:

"Remember the time when we were always and you were very hungry?" - it seems you forgot something here.

"No human was harm thankfully." - should be 'harmed'

"If you have been listened to me like you claimed, then you won't have any troubles understand it." - I think it should be 'listening', 'wouldn't' and 'understanding it'

"Like when you trick me into accepting your proposal?" - 'tricked'

"How long did I faint." - it would be better to change it to 'how long was I out?' or something similar, because the way it is now it suggests that Saleana was fainting for a long time rather than doing it quickly.

And small things, like it should be 'who cares' instead of 'who care', 'who knows' instead of 'who know', 'boil' instead of 'boiled' etc. And there was a sentence with 'always' at the beginning - I think you should put it at the end of the sentence and change it accordingly, of course.

All in all, I already love your game and cannot wait for your final release. I will definitely wait for it and for your updates to this demo as well, if you're planning on doing so.

Hi Reiyane!

Thank you very much for playing our demo and write us your feedback of it! It really means a lot to us! XD

About the grammar mistakes, even though by now we have had native English speakers checking the script again, they also didn't notice some of your corrections, so we really appreciate your detailed list of faults! >A<b We will release an updated version in one or two days that includes both Mac and Window version in one download file; hopefully the majority of mistakes have been addressed by that point.

That said, it seems everyone love Cassius the Hunter ahaha XD It almost makes me want to root for Asher a bit more.

Thank you again for your feedback. We hope you will continue to support us!

Hi, I tried to download the Mac version but all it did was lead me to some music files. I know it's not tested, but it does really bother me since this game looks absolutely OUTSTANDING. Please try to fix this as soon as you can.

Thanks in advance :).

Hi xChiriu!

We are very sorry to hear that the Mac version isn't working. As of now, we are making an update version that could be played on both Mac and Window; hopefully it might work on your computer then.

Thank you in advance for your patience. The update might be on in one or two days, and we will make sure to notify you immediately when it's on!

Thank you for being so sweet about the issues-- Somehow makes the game that much better. It's no problem. I'll be looking forward to the time it's updated!

Hi xChiriu!

We have uploaded the new update. Hopefully this time it will work ;-;

Thank you for your patience! We hope you will have a good time with the demo!


Ok, so right off the bat, I notice the art, and it's good. The text box fits well with the theme of the story and the background art. The idea of making the cursor a vial of blood also fits, especially because of the minimalist design of the text box. The sprites look very nice. I liked how the CGs were at multiple angles. It gives a more dynamic feel to the game. Overall, the art was better than the art from a lot of commercial otome games.

The music was also pretty good! It fit well with what was happening, and it wasn't boring. Kudos to your composer.

The story is very cute! I almost started squealing multiple times (especially the part when she met the hunter, 'cause hot damn). I like the plot idea. It makes me wonder what will happen if she falls for one o the other But I like how the story was also a bit serious. (like, what happens when they find out that she's a vampire!?)

Just a bit of constructive criticism, but I noticed a few errors in the script. Some spaces were missing in between the period of the last sentence and the beginning of the first sentence, and some words weren't capitalized when they were supposed to, but other than that, this game is perfect. Just don't forget to proofread it before you release the full game, I guess.

Btw, speaking of releasing the full game, do you have a set date for that? Also, are you planning to make this a commercial game?

Hello mshen19!

Thank you so much for giving our demo a try and for your compliments! We are very glad to have your feedback as well since it helps to improve our game for the better!

Personally as the writer I'm happy that you like the plot! And your guess on it hmm~ I can't spoil it but you are on the right direction of thinking haha~ >w< Thank you for reminding us about proofreading as well; honestly details just keep escape my eyes when I wrote the script and transfered it to ren'py, and we unfortunately don't have a lot of credible proofreaders. This is definitely a point that we will improve on in the final version.

On your question, we are planning to release the final version during June, but it really depends on how fast I can write the script and how fast our artists can draw (coz real life stuffs haha OTL). We will, however try our best to abide to that deadline, and will try to have updates on the final version as often as possible. And yes, it will be a commercial title, although we are a little hesitant on the price right now (we have one in our head but not sure whether it's reasonable or not). If possible, could you share your opinion with us on what price you are willing to pay for the game? It would help us a lot!

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you will continue to support us in the future!

---- Narcisse19 -----

Hm, I guess it depends on how long the overall story is...?

There's this one otome game for IOS called "Ephemeral." I don't exactly remember how much each story costed, but it was very reasonable for such a good game. (I think all the main stories put together was about $15 or so...? And that's for 4 "romancable" characters.)

That being said, my absolute max would be $20, give or take. (Sorry, I would be able to pay more, but I'm kind of too young to have money of my own, so...ahaha...)

Hi mshen19!

Thank you for your input!

It is never an easy job to price your own work, for several reasons, but it's also a challenge we must overcome haha XD But what we can tell you right now is that it won't be over $10.

We hope you will continue to support us in the future!

I know I'm not exactly part of this, but, if it's going to be over 5-7 hours of gameplay, then I recommend around $6-8. (depends on you tho)

Hello Raze1718!

Thank you so much for your suggestion!

We haven't decided on a fixed price yet, so any opinion is greatly appreciated!

We hope you will continue to support us in the future!

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